2022 Themes & Happenings

Sustainability Pavilion Powered by Food Made Good HK

FMG - 2022 Themes & Happenings

The Sustainability Pavilion displays some of the best sustainable food related products and services as well as demonstrating some tasty sustainably minded recipes Chefs, restaurateurs, buyers from supermarkets and F&B outlets will be invited to experience the best of food sustainability!

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Keto Village

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The keto diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that was originally used to treat epilepsy, known as an effective weight and health management method. This trend is getting so HUGE worldwide, NOA – as a the forerunner of the industry is catching up with this trend! The Zone will feature a series of high- quality low-carb keto products! Keto experts and nutritionists will also be invited to share their knowledge and insights.

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