Asset 43@2x 1536x290 - 優質線上線下展覽會體驗
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今年亞洲天然及有機博覽將聯同亞洲頂尖國際食品餐飲及酒店設備展 (HOFEX) 及國際葡萄酒與烈酒貿易展覽會 (ProWine Hong Kong),以全新線上線下並行模式讓您參與展覽會。線上平台將分為2個時段:

9月7 – 9日 | 香港會議展覽中心5樓 & 線上
9月14 – 16日 | 線上

NOA首次以線上線下展覽會形式登場,望助全球供應商及買家進行配對,創造高效及高質的商業機會。 來自世界各地及不同餐飲範疇的參展商將於網上平台展示最優質產品,買家可利用選取工具篩選並無限量約見心水參展商親身或線上會面!無法參與實體展現場活動?免費平台將會有焦點活動現場直播及精彩重溫,讓你安在家中也能感受現場氣氛,以另一種形式參與其中!

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✔ 滿足您的個性化需求,為您迅速配對優質供應商,創造高效、高質的商業機會及觀看今屆精選現場活動

✔ 靈活安排現場及線上會面行程

✔ 雙方即時對話讓溝通更便捷

✔ 可隨時於手機、電腦上使用





Mr Derek Lau
Phone: +852 3709 4981
Email: [email protected]


Ms Rebecca Chan / Kay Lam
Phone: +852 3709 4981
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 1,000 international F&B and hospitality and natural & organic brands and suppliers showcasing a wide array of food & drinks, natural & organic products and foodservice equipment, with exhibitors specialised in coffee, bakery & confectionery, wine, meat etc.

This Virtual Platform is free of charge for buyers. You simply need to pre-register online, upon trade buyer identity verification you can activate your account by entering the login details received from 24 August onwards. You can then schedule meetings with HOFEX, ProWine Hong Kong and Natural & Organic Asia 2021 exhibitors, and enjoy live-streaming and replays of onsite event highlights and seminar.

Yes, you may indicate your registration options accordingly for both physical badge and virtual platform access. Buyer pre-registration for NOA 2022 can be completed

1/6Buyer Registration Opens
17/8 – 23/8​Exhibitors set up virtual platform account​
24/8Platform opens to Trade Buyers​​
24/6 – 6/9​Meeting scheduling period​
7/9 – 9/9Meet exhibitors/ buyers onsite or online!
14/9 – 16/9Missed out anything onsite? No worries, here's another chance for you to connect on our virtual platform!